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Sunday, May 29, 2005


Closing The Interview.

At the end of a job interview, it is usual to be told that "We'll be making our decision within the next two weeks and will be in touch with you." Don't just say thank you and leave: you'll spend two weeks fretting about your chances and if you hear nothing on the fourteenth day, will assume the worst. You'll be tempted to put off looking for work because you want to be home "just in case" they call. You feel completely helpless because you have no control over the situation.

Far better to respond along the lines of "I'm very actively searching for work and seldom home. May I call you in two weeks to touch base?" This allows you to put your energy into looking for work elsewhere (absolutely mandatory, no matter how hopeful this interview looked), knowing that in two weeks you can follow up and see what is happening. It creates the feeling of a semblance of control in a usually out-of-control situation.

If they call you earlier with an offer (they were afraid that you might get something elsewhere while they were dallying over their decision), so much the better. If they don't call, you can call in two weeks and tell the receptionist, in all honesty, that you were asked to call "Mr. Smith" on this date regarding the status of the position.

When "Mr. Smith" is notified, he will remember your words and will usually either get on the telephone (most interviewers really aren't ogres and feel a degree of responsibility to their applicants) or tell his assistant that no decision has yet been made and you should call back in 3 days.

Again, you have some measure of control over the situation.

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