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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Call-backs To Employers

There is a very fine line between being enthusiastic and being intrusive. You want to call an employer after an interview to show how interested you really are, but you definitely don't want to become a pest.

Unless the interviewer was very specific about when the hiring decision was to be made, send your immediate "Thank you" letter and then allow a few days. When you do call, you will find that either someone else has been selected or the decision is still pending.

If someone else did get the job, remind the employer that you are still interested in the company and that you would welcome a call if a new opening should occur. Like plane crashes, staff turnover seems to occur in clusters. If you are cordial and unceasingly enthusiastic, even in your disappointment, you may get called about a new opening to save the employer the time and expense of another round of interviews.

If the decision has not yet been made, ask if you can call back in a couple of weeks. Frequently you will be told that it shouldn't take that long, so you are asked to call back in a week and can schedule yourself accordingly.

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