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Sunday, August 21, 2005


Rewarding your network.

You have followed the advice of the job search experts, contacting everyone you know to solicit job leads and names to contact who might be able to help you find employment. Some leads may have been very positive; others led nowhere. Regardless of the outcome, a vital part of successful networking is giving feedback to those who tried to help.

Call everyone who gave you names or leads and thank them for going out of their way. It will remind them of your continuing problem and will leave them feeling positive so that they will help others in the future. If the lead turned out to be worthless, they may put out extra effort to find something more promising.

People help you because they want an inner sense of satisfaction and often start assuming some sense of responsibility for you. They may take extraordinary steps to increase those feelings of self-satisfaction by ensuring that their assistance was instrumental in your success.

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