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Friday, September 01, 2006


Is the Internet a viable alternative to a job?

We have all heard about those who quit their jobs and are now making a fortune working at home on their computers. After reading the seemingly endless marketing messages, one reaches the conclusion that millions can be made with only a few hours of effort a week.

If you have nothing to sell, become an affiliate, we're told, and market someone else's product for a percentage of the profit. But do you realize that more than 90% of affiliates never make a single sale?

While there are undoubtedly some individuals doing very well, they tend to be either talented and experienced salesmen, have invented something unique and in demand, or have a large social circle to involve in their sales campaigns.

Before you invest any money in "get rich" schemes, or get excited about how much you can earn from home, get yourself a "throw-away" address on Yahoo or Hot Mail and join a few groups and safelists. Your bulk inbox (tabbed as spam by your Internet host) will soon be bursting with thousands of emails all promising that this opportunity is the one that can't fail.

As you empty the bulk mail without bothering to read it, remember that everyone else is doing the same thing! Millions of enthusiastic email writers disappear into the electronic ether without even a poof of smoke.

If you're convinced that you're different and have what it takes - go for it, as an adjunct to looking for real work. And watch the expenses that can devastate an already restricted budget.

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