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Monday, August 14, 2006


Follow Instructions

No employer wants to hire someone who can't take the time to read directions. Even if a position requires management or leadership qualities, duties are still performed within set company procedures and a defined corporate culture. Show your abilities throughout the application process by reading the fine print before jumping in.

If you are applying on line, study exactly how the company would like your information submitted. Some prefer that you cut and paste your resume into their form. Others prefer that you enter basic demographic information and then use your resume as an attachment. If the instructions request plain text, be sure to remove any bolding or bullets before your resume is attached.

If you are filling out an application, read over each section before you start to enter information. Too often, we wade right in and then realize we have put the wrong information in the little boxes and end up with a messy-looking document with words crossed out and arrows drawn from line to line.

If follow up directions are given ("You'll hear from us within 5 business days"), abide by them. If no specific information is given ("Mr. Smith will review your application and will call you if you fit our needs"), try to establish a guideline: "May I call you in 3 days to find out if I'm going to be considered?" Then follow the timeframe given by the company.

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