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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Initial Voice Impressions

Often the first contact you have with a potential employer is by telephone. How you project yourself in those first few minutes can be critical in creating a receptive mind set in the employer.

If you are initiating the call, try to watch a short television comedy first or quickly read some funny comics or cartoons. After a burst of good laughter, your voice is upbeat and relaxed. When you talk on the telephone, always stand and move around as much as possible, even if only in small circles. Your voice will be clearer and the energy level projected will increase, vital in demonstrating that you are the positive, enthusiastic worker that every employer seeks.

If you receive a call from an employer, make sure that your organizer* is close at hand so you can quickly find which job is being discussed and any details about it that can make your responses pertinent to the specific skills and experience sought.

* See "The Job Search Organizer" at

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