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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Get Yourself A Support Group

If you have been out of work for more than a few weeks, you've already realized that you no longer fit into the fabric of mainstream modern life that rewards and recognizes only hard work and, above all, success. You feel alienated, alone, and dejected like the fired candidates on "The Apprentice." Unfortunately, you don't get invited onto the Today show to tell your side of the story nor do you get the lucrative job offers that even the most obnoxious losers receive after their television appearances.

You need to generate some source of support. You may have a strong family behind you but you don't want to burn them out. Try to connect with outside sources to give your family a break.

Other job seekers can be very helpful even if only sharing your pain. Some local unemployment offices have groups or classes you may attend. Non profit agencies often run groups for minimal or no cost - see if any are suitable. Organizations like 40+ have been successful in giving older unemployed workers support and structure, If you are a Veteran, the VA runs many groups that might be helpful. Check with the United Way, Community College, or County Mental Health Department to see what is locally available.

If your search comes up empty, consider starting your own group or asking a Church or agency to start such a group and then see how many other people you find in a situation very much like yours.

And you thought you were alone!

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