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Monday, July 18, 2005


Get out there!

"Pounding the pavement" conjures up a picture of a down-and-out vagabond dragging down the street, knocking on closed doors and getting nothing but rejection after rejection. These days, there are multiple ways to find work. However, it is still important to stay in circulation, to see what is going on around you, to stay tuned to occupational vibrations.

Many job seekers spend day after day on the internet, or on the telephone, or reading the classified ads. These are important aspects of your search for work but are emotionally isolative, increasing your sense of being out of step with the 8 to 5 crowd, busily on their way to who knows what.

Schedule your week to include days of getting dressed up and going out and about: visit employment agencies, friends at work, register for temporary work, attend a job fair. Even visiting the library, a cyber cafe, or sitting in a restaurant organizing your job hunting paperwork will make you feel like your old self, that you do still fit in, that your present "lost in space" state is only temporary.

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