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Thursday, August 11, 2005


"Illegal" Interview Questions.

After multiple court cases and legislative actions, there are all kinds of questions interviewers may no longer ask: your age, marital status, children, physical impairments, sexual preferences, or medical history. Large and medium sized companies will avoid such questions like the plague, ever fearful of potential lawsuits. Small shops may be ignorant of the law or may choose to break it because the owner doesn't accept the right of anyone to tell him or her what to do.

Preparing how you would answer such questions is helpful before an interview. If the questions are asked, you have a ready response. If they are not asked, but you believe that one or more is pertinent, feel free to volunteer information as there is no law prohibiting employers listening to anything you say of your own volition. A statement such as "I do have two small children but not only do I have childcare arrangements in place, I also have a solid backup plan if an emergency arises," just might settle those lingering concerns when an interviewer thinks "I really liked him but I'm still not sure about . . ."

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