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Sunday, August 07, 2005


Plan For The Interview Day

The fastest and easiest way to kill your chances of a job offer is to arrive late for your interview with lame excuses about getting lost. When you set up the interview, ask for specific directions. Better yet (if it's not too far away) take a test drive to the company's office the day before, preferably at the same time as your scheduled interview so you get an idea of traffic flows and the amount of time you will need to allow.

If it's a free standing building, park outside for a while and observe people walking in and out. Watching them will give you a good idea of their typical employees - the way they dress, if they seem free and casual or formal and conservative. If the company is a suite inside a large office building, walk through the public hallways and again observe the employees, the d├ęcor, the pace at which the office seems to move. Your goal is not only to appear on time for your interview but to make sure that you seem to fit the company's chosen image and to feel a little familiar with the surroundings that can somewhat allay your natural nervousness in any interview.

During the interview, don't be afraid to mention that you made a "dry run" the day before. Companies appreciate employees who take extra time to plan - it demonstrates initiative, attention to detail, and real interest in the position far more graphically than a few canned phrases on a resume.

Nice tip there am gonna put this to action soon... let them try to call me for one..
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