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Saturday, September 17, 2005


A Resume Is Only A Thumbnail Sketch

There is a constant debate about the "correct" length of a resume. For years, the golden rule was one page only.

Personally, I still find this an excellent rule of thumb. So many resumes I review contain extraneous material. If a job or a skill is no longer relevant, leave it out. In a world where information has exploded over the past decade, the ability to write concisely and logically, with a focus on core concepts, becomes ever more valuable.

If you have very extensive experience, all applicable to the focus of your job search, then perhaps you will need to go to two pages. (Although I admit that with a great deal of reluctance --are you SURE it's all relevant?) If you are a professional with publications and awards that need to be listed, try this: a one page succinct precis of your skills with an attached full Curriculum Vitae which may run several pages.

For most of us, one or two pages is more than enough: the goal is simply to open the door, not to sell yourself (that happens in the interview).

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