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Friday, October 14, 2005


Job Interviews Require Shotgun Courtesy.

You are undoubtedly extremely polite and amiable with any interviewer you encounter. You are on your "best behavior" knowing that your self-presentation and demeanor are keys to your being considered for a position. But how do you treat the "little people" on your way to the interview?

The front desk receptionist, the office staff who take your telephone calls, the secretary who greets you, the security guard who walks you through the plant, the potential co-worker who offers you coffee: all of these people, while not making the final hiring decision, have varying degrees of influence over your fate.

You may make a masterful presentation in the interview but if remarks are heard from staff about your curtness, lack of respect, or pushiness, your presentation may have been for naught. Exude courtesy and respect to everyone you encounter at a potential employer's business and the remarks made ("What a nice man he seemed" or "She was so pleasant and friendly") may dramatically increase your stock relative to competing applicants.

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