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Friday, April 28, 2006


Defusing The Anger

Along with the fear and internal humiliation of losing your job, there is always a degree of anger: anger at fate for dealing you a lousy hand; anger at a company that took your long hours and hard work and threw them away without a second thought; anger at coworkers who played the political game more deftly and kept their positions while yours was eliminated.

Some of us are so angry that we get stuck in our emotions and become almost paralyzed, unable to move on with any degree of enthusiasm or energy.

Recognize that anger is a natural reaction to being marginalized and devalued. Give yourself some alone time to lick your wounds. Pound a punching bag, cry for hours, run for miles, or clean the house from top to bottom - whatever best works for you to burn off that adrenaline pouring through your system.

Take at least a few days to wallow in the injustice of it all. Let your jumbled emotions wear themselves out until you feel drained and empty. It is only when the fires of anger have died down that you can start to think rationally about the future and the opportunities that may arise out of being forced to change your life's direction.

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The "fires of anger" have lasted for ten years now, they are just now beginning to be glowing embers. I guess I can get started.
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